Episode 96: A Very Sleep Deprived Episode

Groundhog Day Minisode.png

Wesleigh, Hannah and Kate give us an update from the Groundhog Day Marathon! We recorded this at 2am, at the halfway point. In this episode, hear us play Phase 10 (and a group of girls next to us play Settlers of Catan), gush over a real live groundhog in a bowtie, we give props to some of our fellow marathoners, and promise to check in at the end of the marathon … but don’t (sorry not sorry).

Show Notes

Groundhog Day
Groundhog Day Marathon at Gateway Film Center
First Watch
Harold Ramis
Columbus Polka Band: Route 161 Happy Wanderers

Chicken Dance / All Apologies Mash Up:

Phase 10
Dutch Blitz

Hannah, Kate & Wesleigh after the marathon (and ready for a nap):


Oakley the Groundhog:


Shows/Movies Mentioned

  • Ghostbusters

  • The Bachelor

Episode 93: A Very Simlish Minisode

Simlish Minisode.png

This minisode comes to you from our recording with Luke on The Grinch. In this episode, hear us chat about weird playlists and the phenomenon of musicians covering their own songs in a fake language for a video game. Sul sul!

Show Notes

Last Christmas playlist
Ariana Grande

Last Friday Night by Katy Perry (Simlish):

Good Intent by Kimbra (Simlish):

Daylight by Matt & Kim (Simlish):


Need You Now by Lady Antebellum (Simlish):

Episode 84: A Very Sociopathic Minisode

Sociopathic Minisode.png

As promised, this minisode brings you the full convo trimmed from our Park and Rec last week! In this episode, Katie discusses a docuseries she’s been watching on YouTube about online celebrity and sociopathic tendencies and wonders if she is one (while Wesleigh reassures her that she isn’t).

Show Notes

Shane Dawson’s documentary “The Mind of Jake Paul”:

Episode 79: A Very Rambling Minisode

Rambling Minisode.png

We took a break from movies this week to bring you a new minisode! In this episode, we answer an important question from a fan/friend, practice for voting day, Katie takes the call for celebrity foot photos to a whole new level, and we come up with yet another side podcast idea.

Show Notes

Amanda’s Picture Show a Go Go
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
male star feet . com (you can google it and get it in your own search history!)
SNL Whiskers R We skit:

Lenny Kravitz giant scarf:


Blanket ponchos

New spin-off podcast: After Party

Shows/Movies Mentioned

  • Home Improvement

  • That 70s Show

  • Bridesmaids

  • Talking Dead

Episode 60: A Very Podcasty Minisode

Podcasty Minisode.png

This past weekend Katie spent all her time at the Columbus Podcast Festival, so in lieu of a Tatumverse show, here's a recap of this year's fest! In this episode, hear about an exciting new Instagram follow, why Wesleigh's not around, where you can hear Katie's appearances, and how you can get involved at next year's event.

Show Notes

Columbus Podcast Festival
Short North Stage
True Crime Garage
War Rocket Ajax
The Powerful Mind
Columbus Cares
Fart Cast
Court Appointed
Still Buffering
Maximum Fun Podcasting Network
Adam Ruins Everything
Oh No, Ross and Carrie!
Not mentioned on the show, but Wesleigh's fav Maximum Fun shows:
Dead Pilots Society
Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

Ohio v. The World
Amanda’s Picture Show a Go Go
Columbus Pod Fest on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

 Shows/Movies Mentioned


BONUS: A Very Heartbreaking Minisode

Heartbreaking Minisode.png

In an unprecedented turn of events, while we were recording our next Tatumverse episode, it was announced that our beloved Channing and Jenna are splitting up. In this special minisode Wesleigh breaks the news to Katie, and you get to hear our live reactions.

Episode 53: A Very Fermented Minisode

Very Fermented Minisode.png

Hey Partiers! We’re dipping into our folder of outtakes to bring you another Very Special Minisode. In this episode, cut from our show on Forgetting Sarah Marshall, our snack for the day inspires a story about why Wesleigh doesn’t like beer that somehow transitions to talking vegetables threatening to burn each other alive. Enjoy!

Show Notes

We can pickle that! skit from Portlandia:

Veggie Tales Bunny song:

Shows/Movies Mentioned


Episode 27: A Very Groban Minisode

josh groban.jpg

It's time for another Very Special Minisode! We've had some life changes going on outside the podcast, so, this week, enjoy an outtake from our Anastasia episode where were take a long tangent to discuss a certain curly-haired kiddo.

Josh's #HamForAll video via his Twitter @joshgroban