Episode 70: Son of No One


Live from the Tatumverse, it’s Viewing Party! This week we watch Son of No One, a movie where Channing plays a cop with a mustache and that has the most spot-on customer reviews since The Fast and the Furious. In this episode we learn that Katie busted a cap (in her knee), Wesleigh gives this movie a more apropos tagline, and we’re super excited to get to #MagicMikeByChristmas

Show Notes

IMDb: The Son of No One (2011)
Rotten Tomatoes: 16%
Rated: R

Parks and Rec: Pushing Daisies, Nanette, The Bachelorette
The Projects
Harvey Milk
new Drake album
The Yellow Wallpaper
She’s the Man Channing flip phone gif:

SNL skit:

Amanda’s Picture Show A Go Go
Large Marge Sent Us
The Thirst

Shows/Movies Mentioned