Episode 50: Dear John


It’s not you, it’s us (don’t worry, we’re not breaking up with you, but we did watch Dear John!). We’re back in the Tatumverse this week with our first Nicholas Sparks adaptation. In this episode we take a dive into numismatics, learn that donkeys are different, and discuss the practice of the Billy Graham Rule in Christian culture.

Show Notes

IMDb: Dear John (2010)
Rotten Tomatoes: 29%
Rated: PG-13

US men’s curling team
USA curler vs David Harbour / Sweden’s curler vs Chris Pine:


Joel McHale at the FunnyBone recently
Channing Tatum’s cousin, Chisel McGee (Josh Duhamal)
Nicholas Sparks
a Dear John letter
Mule (coin)
Mule (animal) and Hinny
Donkeys are Different:

Kirk Cameron
The Billy Graham Rule
Interview with the daughter who left Westboro Baptist on NPR

Shows/Movies Mentioned

Stranger Things
Joel McHale Show
Magic Mike
The Notebook
Arrested Development
A Walk to Remember
The Vow
She’s the Man