Episode 20: Battle in Seattle

We return to the Tatumverse for Battle in Seattle, a movie that is not an action flick, as we expected, but instead a film based on actual events that happened in the late '90s that neither of us had ever heard of. Things take a serious turn in this episode as we do our best to have an intelligent and informed conversation about protests, police brutality, censored journalism, patriotism, and how 9/11 shaped millennials. Also: Katie does laundry, finds a knife in her couch (??), and her sister Hannah cameos!

Show Notes

IMDb: Battle in Seattle (2007)
Rotten Tomatoes: 55% 🤢
Rated: R

"Hokay, here's the earth..."

NFL player Kaepernick's protests
'68 Olympics Black Power salute
Arab Spring / Twitter real time unfiltered updates
9/11 as the day millennials grew up / Wesleigh's blog post from 2011
Stonewall Riots
Amanda’s Picture Show a GoGo

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