Episode 76: Would You Watch This? - SyFy Edition

Would You Watch This - SyFy.png

It’s time for the newest installment of Would You Watch This? — the SyFy edition! This week Wesleigh created a playlist of some of the most…interesting movies to have shown on the SyFy Channel. In this episode, we discover an amazing casting choice and text a former guest about it, Katie has a lot of issues with a classic story, and, surprisingly, we get into some real talk about women’s entertainment and guilty pleasures.

Show Notes

Shoutout to podcast Superiority Complex for our theme this month!
Wikipedia of SyFy original movies

1. Beauty and the Beast

3. Lavalantula

4. Sharktapus vs. Pteracuda

5. Age of Dragons

6. Dune

QUESTION: Girls tend to read books that were important to the men in their lives, do men do the same thing?
Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

7. Children of Dune

SpongeBob Dune joke:


8. Dead 7

Spaghetti Westerns

Park and Rec: Stay Here

Shows/Movies Mentioned