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Amanda is the host of Amanda's Picture Show a Go Go, a podcast reviewing movies that is also based in Columbus, Ohio. You can follow her show on Facebook and Twitter!
Episodes: 18 Rough Night

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Longtime friend of the pod Bob joins us this week for La La Land! You can follow him on Instagram at @rorofoshow or Snapchat at rorof0show.
Episodes: 31 La La Land


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Chelsea has a PhD in fashion and loves movies, especially this version of P&P. You can learn more about her on Instagram at @docdress and or at her website,!
Episodes: 16 Pride & Prejudice (BBC Miniseries)

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You can follow Hannah at @Nannerzs99 on Instagram for fun screenshots of online dating DMs.
Episodes: 32 What Lies Beneath | 66 I Am Not an Easy Man


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Jeff & Ethan

You can hear the boys from the Sucks to Suck podcast on Soundcloud and follow their show on Twitter at @SucksCast. You can also follow Jeff at @jkterrezas and Ethan at @EthanShivener!
Episodes: 12 Demolition Man

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Kate is Katie's cousin and longtime fellow fangirl of Lord of the Rings. You can follow her on Instagram at @katiemadesthings and on Twitter at @CosmetologyKate
Episodes: 22 LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring | 73 LOTR: The Two Towers

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Lara is the brainchild of the time travel romance theme for Marathon May 2018! She blogs at and sometimes reviews films from a parenting perspective. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram!
Episodes: 62 Somewhere in Time

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Leah is a local foodie and fellow Donald Glover enthusiast. You can follow her on Instagram at @elliethechubbyvegan
Episodes: 44 The Phantom of the Opera



Leah & Rachel

Leah and Rachel are even more than friends or soul mates: they’re ‘soupies’ — like besties, but with soup. You can find Leah on Instagram as elliebigandfree and Rachel at lilmoz31.
Episodes: 78 Arsenic and Old Lace

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You can follow him on Twitter at @koltreg and check out his podcasts, MultiversalQ and Exiled.
Episodes: 7 Watchmen



Luke T.

Luke Thomas is way more internet famous than us, according to his sister. Check out his YouTube Series Luke at This! and follow him on Twitter at @DaThings.
Episodes: 91 The Grinch

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(and her cat, Gizmo)
You can follow her on Twitter at @hobbitfancier
Episodes: 4 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind | 19 Odd Thomas

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Katie’s brother Robb joins Viewing Party — and in person this time! You can find him elsewhere on the internet including on Twitter @RobbThomas and as part of the Columbus Podcast Festival.
Episodes: 17 Anastasia | 56 Westworld | 68 Ant-Man


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Longtime friend and unofficial third host Victoria finally joins us on the podcast! You’ve probably heard us mention her…in lots of episodes, actually. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram (also follow her cute polar bear Insta @polarbear_paparazzi!)
Episodes: 49 Inception

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Whitneigh & Dad

Whitneigh is sister to Wesleigh and mom to Marshall, and Dad is father to both Wesleigh and Whitneigh. You can follow Whitneigh at @WhitneighS and see our posts about Dad at @SkippyDadSays
Episodes: 41 Fantasia

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